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Who We Help

We award grants to local, state, regional and other significant 501(c)(3) nonprofits located throughout the United States that aim to truly make a difference. Our grant recipients include organizations that serve people struggling with disabilities, poverty, addiction, homelessness, and unemployment. We fund nonprofits that help other nonprofits, such as the Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NoRMaC). Though we don’t require this, we look for nonprofits that have the drive and capability to influence other nonprofits through the implementation of their projects. We feel that the impact of our grant is increased when a project is modeled in a way that can be replicated by others.

As a result, we have seen our grant activities multiply throughout the nonprofit sector in rewarding ways. One training program created through a First Nonprofit grant has been used by more than 3,600 other nonprofits.  That’s why First Nonprofit focuses on replicability. With resources in the nonprofit sector stretched ever-tighter, it’s critical that nonprofits share best practices and resources to get maximum impact out of every donor dollar. In this way, funding from First Nonprofit continues to have an impact long after we cut a check.

The foundation procedurally does not renew funding or award/give multi year grants.

What We Look For in a Candidate

Our grantees are at the core of our mission and work. The candidates we choose to fund share in our mission of enhancing the quality of life of members of the community by:

  • Developing projects that are marketable, replicable and reusable by other nonprofit organizations
  • Creating sustainable project models to keep the project going after the grant is exhausted
  • Improving the economic development and education of a community
  • Reducing operational inefficiencies and enhancing the technology of the nonprofit

Who We’ve Helped

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to fund many worthy projects. Read more about each project through our past success stories.
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