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Grant Guidelines

We entertain requests from nonprofit organizations for single programs or projects throughout the United States. Due to the large volume of requests that we receive, we have established funding priorities to assist the Director and board members in deciding where the funds may be most effectively employed.

Core Funding Priorities

We generally award grants to projects that:

  • Increase management efficiency
  • Create replicable models that are marketable to other organizations
  • Develop a sustainable project model for when the grant is exhausted
  • Aid in the economic development of a community through entrepreneurship and job training
  • Advance the technology of an organization to aid in its operations

We may fund projects that fall outside of our core funding priorities if we find that a project is worthy and adheres to our mission.

Funding Renewal

Among the reasons for discontinuing support are:

  1. A change of the organization’s purpose has occurred that is not consistent with the First Nonprofit Foundation policy.
  2. The organization has had a change of IRS status, evidence of fraud, and/or use of funds for purposes other than as granted without the expressed written permission of the Foundation.
  3. The foundation procedurally does not renew funding or award/give multi-year grants.