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What We Do

We identify and financially support purely public charities that represent a great need. Specifically, we offer grants to organizations that focus on advancing leadership in the nonprofit sector, utilizing top management practices and producing projects that are uniquely replicable.

We do this by soliciting proposals from organizations throughout the United States that meet our funding criteria.  We then fund worthy projects by issuing material grants.

First Nonprofit originally focused primarily on educational causes. We have since expanded our focus, but our roots in education are still evident in the thoughtful leadership and educational resources we provide to nonprofits. We  have published white papers covering more than a dozen critical nonprofit management topics, including finances, volunteer management, risk management, strategic alliances, and much more. These proved so successful that Northwestern University incorporated them into its Nonprofit Management program. In addition, our president, Joe Geiger, frequently speaks about issues affecting the nonprofit sector at national conferences and seminars, and we have offered dedicated online courses to benefit nonprofits.

We do this because we believe in the power of the nonprofit sector, and we want to make resources available to help them succeed.


Causes We’ve Funded

We will solicit proposals from organizations throughout the United States that meet the criteria for our funding. We will
fund worthy projects with material grants. We expect at least some of the outcomes of the projects to be replicable and marketable
to other organizations.

  • Economic Development
  • Community Development
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Health Education
  • Nonprofit Education/Seminars
  • Technological Advancement
  • Equestrian Therapy
  • Canine Therapy
  • Veterans Programs


While many of our projects have fallen into these areas, we also consider projects that fall outside of the above social causes.

What We Don't Do

As we move forward, it will be the intention of the Foundation to identify and financially support 501(c)(3) organizations in their pursuit of leadership, business ethics, education, reducing risk exposure, rewarding innovation and building capacity and other worthy projects. Making the nonprofit community safer and more efficient will expand on the genetic markers of what makes this country great and ultimately serve worthy causes and citizens through the services of nonprofits.

While we remain open to ideas and opportunities to fund various projects and will exercise flexibility when needed, the following are areas in which we do not currently award grants:

  • Fund salaries, wages or any other type of compensation
  • Give or lend money for personal aid to individuals (sometimes referred
    to as cash grants)
  • Provide scholarships
  • Offer direct fellowships outside our core initiative work
  • Fund political campaigns and legislative lobbying efforts
  • Provide general institutional funding, contribute to endowments, or support building or operating funds (except in rare cases)
  • Fund organizations other than 501(c)(3) including government and
    for-profit businesses
  • Support requests for fund-raising events
  • Cover requests for operating deficits
  • Fund charities operated by service clubs
  • Fund activities that are normally the responsibility of government
  • Fund organizations under investigation by an enforcement agency or
    involved in litigation
  • Support of political candidates or memorials
  • Support international programs and organizations