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Grant Helps Desert Ability Center Upgrade Adaptive Sports Equipment

A First Nonprofit Grant of $10,000 will help the Desert Ability Center purchase adaptive sports equipment. This includes sports wheelchairs, para cycles, other adaptive equipment that allows for the introduction of adaptive sports such as sitting volleyball, goal ball (blind sport), power soccer (power wheelchair sport) and beep baseball (blind sport). This equipment is made available to all participants, with any disability at no cost. This equipment is then used to conduct training clinics throughout the year.

Imagine you are 8-years old and you and your friends are going rock climbing for the first time. Climbing gear in place, helmet tightened, knees shaking, you take your first tentative step. One step at a time you seek that sliver of rock that will hold you as you prepare for your next step. The summit inches closer. The space between you and the ground ever widening. And in the blink of an eye you pass the face of the rock to stand, arms raised triumphantly, at the summit.  Now. . . imagine you completed this daunting climb and you have no legs.

Desert Ability Center delivers that feeling of exhilaration to many people who otherwise would not get the chance to participate in sports.  During the week of Sunday, April 29, 2018, the storage facility where Desert Ability Center stored all adaptive sports equipment, tools and ancillary merchandise was broken into and everything was lost to theft.  This senseless act has left a devastating impact on the programs and events DAC provides to the public free of charge. The grant from first Nonprofit enables Desert Ability Center to get back on track.