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First Nonprofit Foundation awarded $10,000 to Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project, Inc. (WEOP), an Atlanta, Georgia-based nonprofit that promotes economic independence among women with low to moderate incomes. The grant will support WEOP’s Advancing Business Opportunities Ventures & Enterprises (ABOVE) program, which provides entrepreneurship training, networking opportunities, technology training and technical support.



Mission Statement

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1999 with the mission of promoting the economic sustainability of women.

Organization History

WEOP provides a calendar of activities which includes contract training classes, supplier diversity workshops, technology training and technical support for business growth and development. The program incorporates professional volunteers from the corporate sector, strategic community partners and community colleges to educate and expose women to a multitude of resources. ABOVE serves as a connector for women and builds a network that supports the advancement and capabilities of women with limited incomes.

"It was a pleasure working with Joe Geiger, First Nonprofit Foundation’s President. He expressed enthusiasm and compassion in our programs to educate and empower women. When I encountered a small technical glitch, Joe immediately provided me with assistance and made the application process go smoothly. It has been an honor working with him. First Nonprofit Foundation has a genuine interest in making an impact and provides agencies with equitable access to funding opportunities."