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Veteran’s Center: Benefit Concert & Toy Giveaway

First Nonprofit Foundation awarded $10,000 to The Veteran’s Center, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia, to host a Veteran’s Benefit Concert and Christmas Toy Giveaway to honor veterans and their families. Our essential goals were to raise funds for veterans who are homeless or facing evictions; support disabled veterans who are not able to afford living expenses; and give toys to youth whose family members were killed while serving in active duty.

As a result of the event, the Veteran’s Center gave away 3,500 toys, 50 hams, 50 turkeys and 100 utilities vouchers to families.



Mission Statement

The Veteran’s Center, Inc., is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reconstructing the lives of homeless, disabled and disadvantaged veterans. The Veteran’s Center values families that create caring communities with the purpose of fostering needs, pinpointing life directions and focusing on future strategizing. Through fundamental collaborations with residents, agencies, government and businesses, the Veteran’s Center has been able to serve more than 1,000 veterans in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area since our beginnings in 2008. We are dedicated to reconstructing the lives of potentially homeless, disabled and disadvantaged veterans.

Organization history

The Veteran’s Center was started as a grassroots organization in 2000, but incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2008. The Veteran’s Center supports military veterans and families, and provides much needed support to connect vets with employment, job training, housing, health care and education. The Veteran’s Center’s focus is preparing veterans and families for workforce development and finding careers in the 21st century and the new economy; homeownership and wealth creation; entrepreneurship and small business growth; sustainable communities; serving as an advocate for education, civic engagement and economic development; and being a voice for veterans who are underserved in our community.

"First Nonprofit Foundation is an awesome organization and our experience was wonderful. The First Nonprofit Organization has assisted us with changing lives and assisting veterans through the holiday season. The application was swift, organized and concise and our interaction with Joe was great. We appreciate the funding and assistance with making this event successful."