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South Carolina Birding Trail Incorporated

First Nonprofit Foundation awarded $25,000 to the South Carolina Birding Trail Incorporated (SCBT), a nonprofit corporation working to restore bird habitats, to create a birding trail website and phone app that will encourage local businesses to sponsor birding trails and provide trail users with useful information. Similar websites in other states have boosted tourism and proven popular with bird watchers.



Mission Statement

The South Carolina Birding Trail Incorporated, a South Carolina nonprofit corporation, supports the mission of conserving and restoring natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and their habitats, for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

Organization History

South Carolina Birding Trail, Inc. was recently founded to encourage communities to value and protect natural ecosystems by creating economic incentives. By gathering and distributing information about natural areas, SCBT encourages responsible access and use. Specifically, the South Carolina Birding Trail creates an economic incentive for the business community to value natural ecosystems and thereby encourages the preservation and protection of natural ecosystems.

"As a startup nonprofit entity, we found it difficult to convey our passion for birding and preserving natural areas and ecosystems. We needed to accomplish a very expensive software infrastructure to execute our concept and reach our goals. First Nonprofit Foundation President Joe Geiger took the time to listen and understand our concept. He encouraged us to look for other resources and at the right time made it possible for us to build the infrastructure for our nonprofit business."