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Reach Out and Read

This proposal is specifically targeting development of the new portal on the Curious George Store website, which heretofore only provided online store sales. Now the virtual store will have two doors – one with free coaching for parents in dialogic reading, and free reading readiness activities for children 2-5. (No screen time is recommended for children below the age of 2.) Since its inception, ROR has trained a network of 37,000 pediatricians to convey the vital importance of dialogic reading habits at home: the new website portal will demonstrate how and reinforce children’s reading readiness with 100 times the content currently distributed. A light touch will become a deep touch. The collaboration is leasing two wonderful parent-modeling videos that demonstrate dialog reading for age levels 0-5 in 8 languages. These were developed by Raising A Reader, MA, and this nonprofit has also been recruited to participate in the curriculum development team.




In a ground-breaking collaboration between the Curious George Store in Cambridge, and Reach Out and Read (‘ROR’ – the fiscal sponsor and 501 C3,) this project seeks to leverage the tremendous outreach of ROR (4.7 million children 0-5 a year) and the brand of the magical Curious George Store, to prepare all children, no matter their socioeconomic status, to reach school age ready to learn to read. Focusing just on MA for year 1, the collaboration will reach parents 3 ways. First, through a new free portal on the Curious George Store website, parents will be invited, with children 2-5, for free coaching videos that model dialogic reading in 8 languages, as well as a myriad of storytelling, online mentoring, games and activities for the children that reinforce reading readiness. Next, handouts with age-specific activities and games as well as more stories will be handed out at doctor well-child visits. Finally, the store will have kiosks with more activities for children.