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Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue needs a new business server. They are experiencing storage issues and the warranty on the current server has expired. They are submitting a grant request for $16,000.00 to cover the expense of the new server and the software. Their computer system is their tool to communicate and store data for adopters, donors, financial systems, and every aspect of their daily operations.






Since 1993, Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue has successfully placed more than 4,800 Golden Retrievers and other DVGRR dogs into new homes throughout eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and beyond. DVGRR has been recognized for their innovative work in rescuing and rehabilitating puppy mill breeder dogs. The Project Home Life program, implemented in 2009, works with puppy mill survivors to help them transition successfully from the horrors of life in a puppy mill to a normal home life with a loving family. They periodically migrate retrievers from Mexico and a place called “Dead Dog Beach.” This is a site where dogs are hunted and shot for recreation. Many of these dogs are transformed into rescue dogs for veterans and individuals with a variety of challenges.