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Congregation Bais Sina: Facility Expansion

First Nonprofit Foundation awarded $50,000 to Congregation Bais Sina in Brooklyn, New York, to provide literature and finishing work in its new, more spacious, state-of-the-art facility in order to serve its Brooklyn community.

Congregation Bais Sina will use the funds to expand, renovate and rebuild the premises for a community center where members of the community may come for studying, counseling and weekend gatherings to refuel and rejuvenate for the coming week. The plan includes new study rooms separated from the general prayer room to enable quiet space for concentration.  The grant will also help stock a library with newly reprinted editions of volumes, books, references and commentaries needed to help students achieve their scholarship degrees.  A recent growth spurt in the community resulted in overcrowding and cramped accommodations that defeated the purpose of Bais Sina’s services.  The expansion of Congregation Bais Sina has become a priority project with a price tag of $4,000,000.



Mission Statement

Torah Study house enables Rabbis, laymen and students to enjoy an atmosphere where the sound of studying and learning permeate the air and to get rabbinical scholarship degrees to become an invaluable resource to our community.

Organization History

The Congregation Bais Sina was founded 30 years ago to provide reputable services in the community.  People from all walks of life found Bais Sina their home away from home, where they enjoyed and received spiritual guidance and encouragement year-round.  Some of the services provided include: house of worship, house of study and a rabbinical college.  A Rabbinical Board of Scholars offers direction and supervision in life, philanthropic projects distributing financial aid to the needy, weekend gatherings with spiritual singing and speeches uplifting the spirit and the soul.  For more than a decade Congregation Bais Sina served as a home to 20 elite rabbis researching complex Torah concepts with which they guide and inspire Jewish people throughout.  The renovation will allow the continuation of this noble project.