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Chicago Area Project

Chicago Area Project (CAP) requests funding to conduct and complete a basic professional website for its organization, to increase marketability, employee /service interaction, and program visibility.  After conducting a website analysis in spring of 2018,  it was affirmed that the CAP’s website in place since 2000, having received few updates since to keep current with existing social and technological needed a modern and professional update .  As it stands today, the website has been built on different platforms making upgrades increasingly difficult. The website lacks the capacity to meaningfully communicate CAP’s mission and efficiently interact with different audiences such as CAP’s target population (youth and their families), donors, and community groups.





CAP’s long history of community building has demonstrated that low-income residents are as capable as others in addressing critical neighborhood issues. CAP believes that community problems cannot be solved by bringing in outside agencies to “fix” local problems such as delinquency, gang violence, substance abuse, and unemployment. Chicago Area Project is a strong network of more than 40 grassroots organizations and special projects aimed at promoting positive youth development and preventing juvenile delinquency through community-building. Begun in 1934, CAP was founded on the concept that every neighborhood has the leaders it needs to solve its own problems.