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The Cheder – Yeshiva & Mesivta Sholom Shachna: Resource Room

First Nonprofit Foundation awarded $100,000 to The Cheder, Yeshiva & Mesivta Sholom Shachna, a boys’ school in Brooklyn, to support expansion of the Resource Room, a facility serving approximately 55 learning disabled students. They will use the funds to accommodate a larger population of students and provide an educational program to help them grow and develop and become contributing members of society.

Pedagogic instruction is planned in accordance with the learning styles of each of these students.  The Cheder targets additional learning supports for struggling students and has tutors work closely with them to review what is learned. Students also receive academic enrichment, help with homework and extracurricular recreational activities.

The Cheder coordinates Special Education Itinerant Teachers (SEIT) for preschool students with disabilities. The school also maintains a Psychologist, an Occupational Therapist, and Speech and Language Therapists.



Mission Statement

The Cheder provides education from preschool through high school and beyond for approximately 800 students. The Cheder advances all students’ learning and development in all grades, including struggling students and student with disabilities.  More than half of the student body comes from poverty-stricken homes and can’t afford to pay full tuition.  Many pay nothing.

Organization History

Founded 22 years ago, The Cheder began with only 50 students in its elementary school.  We now enroll more than 780 in all our educational programs.  Our high school and post high school program began 10 years ago, and our early childhood and prekindergarten program began about 9 years ago.