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Camp PossAbility, Inc.: Camper Scholarships

First Nonprofit Foundation awarded $5,000 to Camp PossAbility in Martinsville, Indiana to fund camper scholarships. Camp PossAbility is a one-week residential summer camp for young adults with physical disabilities who are aged 18 to 35 and have high school diplomas or equivalent qualifications. It is a unique camp because of the age and cognitive levels it serves. Camp PossAbility exists to provide support for young adults with disabilities as they pursue collegiate studies and careers, give them the chance to relax and enjoy a week in an adapted environment, and provide community and support as they prepare or continue to impact their communities.

Since many campers cannot afford a week away due to medical costs and other expenses, Camp PossAbility is seeking to raise support so that campers can come at a very low, affordable rate. The grant awarded will allow young adults to come to camp who would otherwise not be able to afford it.



Mission Statement

Camp PossAbility, Inc., exists to give high functioning young adults with physical disabilities an opportunity to relax, refresh, let their guard down and enjoy a week at a camp adapted just for them. This one-week summer camp is designed specifically for young adults who use adaptive equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes and communication boards.

Organization History

Camp PossAbility, Inc., was the brainchild of Lauren Harmison and Cynthia Lee. Both met in 2011 while serving on the medical team for a young adult camp at Camp Barnabas in Missouri. One night after staying up late caring for campers, they began talking and realized they had many of the same passions. They discussed the need for a camp specifically for high functioning young adults with physical disabilities, since most camps include high functioning and low functioning adult campers together. The following year, they decided to make this new camp a reality. They chose Indiana as their central location and got Dr. Tim Meehan, Ruth Smith and Dr. Adam Keesling to join their team. Unfortunately, Dr. Tim passed away in February 2014, but his legacy will live on through the camp.

"Camp PossAbility’s experience with the First Nonprofit Foundation has been nothing but positive. Everyone has been helpful, offered resources and strove to help us make our nonprofit a success that impacts the lives of many. The application process for our grant was very smooth. Questions were easy to understand so that we could provide the appropriate information. Our interaction with Joe was very helpful as well. Joe was very informative, gave us realistic goals to attain and was very supportive of our mission."