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Yad Eliezer

We are pleased to report to you the success of Ahuzat Atara, the new getaway home for widows and orphans in Tzfat. Due to your generous grant of $25,000 – in conjunction with various other donors- we were able to purchase a building in Tzfat and renovate it to benefit bereaved families who are desperate for some rest and relaxation. The facility can accommodate three families at a time and is booked weekends and holidays through August. We are still short $75,000 to finish paying the costs of the renovations.

The costs of upkeep are great and Dov Wizel works tirelessly to raise the funds needed and cover the expenses on a monthly basis.

Based on the phone calls and e-correspondence we receive from the recipients, the project is bringing tremendous happiness to widows and orphans who have endured much suffering and must cope with their loss on a daily basis. The time spent being pampered, far away from their stark reality, infuses them with strength to persevere. This is an experience they would not be able to afford on their own.

The goal of the Widows Fund of Yad Eliezer is to support widows on a monthly basis based on their financial needs. In addition the Fund aims to give these bereaved women the emotional wherewithal to raise healthy and secure families. The villa in Tzfat is one of the various programs that enables us to reach this end.

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