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Westmoreland Sanctuary

Westmoreland Sanctuary was established in 1957 as a not-for-profit nature center and wildlife preserve with the mission to “acquire, establish and maintain for the free use, enjoyment and appreciation of the public. . . tracts of land, including woodland and streams, as a nature sanctuary . . . to promote nature appreciation, preservation and conservation generally, for the present and future benefit and enjoyment of the public.” Westmoreland also offers a variety of environmental education, conservation and recreational programs and events serving nearly 15,000 visitors every year. Through these facilities and programs, Westmoreland encourages a deeper understanding and engagement with nature and our environment.



What Progress Have you made to date?

We interviewed and employed a professional contracting company, Wayne Fazzinga & Co., for this project who had credible previous experience working on schools and other public buildings. The main contractor, Wayne, was able to work on the roof project without disrupting Westmoreland educational and/or public programming – therefore we did not have to close the building off to the public at all throughout this project!

The roof project was completed on October 3, 2019! We repaired the roof and found cracking shingles. We also repaired the steeple and found a large hole where the weathervane was attached. We learned that this was the source of our leaking problem, water was entering the museum through this hole.

Do you see any challenges with the project being completed on time?

The project was completed on October 3, 2019! Inclement weather delayed the project slightly, but we were still able to complete the project by the fall.

Tell me a story about what please or surprised you?

We scheduled the work to be done in the fall, because educational programming is traditionally light during that time of year. However, surprisingly, this year we had a large number of school programs that booked during the Fall season. Wayne Fazzinga & Co. were able to come in early in the morning and work around the school groups. While they worked on the repair, they blocked entrances that might have been hazardous to visitors however this did not interfere with public programs and public use of the building!

What was the most interesting thing you learned to date?

The most interesting thing we learned throughout this project was that when interviewing a company for a job, price alone should not be the sole determining factor for your decision. Experience, level of respect, and quality of work should be equally considered, especially when working around children.