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Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Our mission is to help nonprofit leaders cope with uncertainty. We offer a wide range of services, from RISK HELP™ to Web tools, in-person and virtual training, and affordable consulting help. We provide reliable advice and practical help on risk issues ranging from employment practices, to risk oversight and governance, enterprise risk management, fraud prevention, financial risk management, and youth protection. The Center has a 20-year history of advising best-in-class nonprofits and delivering practical advice that supports mission fulfillment. The Nonprofit Risk Management Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors.



Who Did The Grant Help?

The grant enabled the Nonprofit Risk Management Center to deliver four workshops at the 2014 PA Bar Institute conference. Attendees included lawyers and lay persons who work for or with nonprofits in PA.

What Problem Did the Grant Solve?

Four substantive workshops were added to the PBI line-up at the May 28, 2014 conference.

What Was The Impact Of The Grant?

More than 200 leaders received training and information on an array of critical risk topics.


Based on the terrific attendance at all four sessions designed by the Center, and the number of post-presentation questions, we believe that our material was appreciated and well-received! It is always a delight working with the staff at the First Nonprofit Foundation.