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NewView Oklahoma

An Oklahoma-based nonprofit, NewView Oklahoma works to empower blind and vision impaired people to achieve their maximum potential. To achieve this goal, we employ a three pronged approach of rehabilitation, fulfilling employment, and community outreach.

Our two full-service clinics provide compassionate, one-of-a-kind rehabilitation for individuals with impaired vision. In addition, we employ over 100 people with visual impairments in manufacturing and service careers. Finally, NewView Oklahoma works to build a community for adults and children living with visual impairments. To create this sense of community, we offer support groups, a dragon boating team, and summer camps.



Who Did the Grant Help?

The program provides computer, daily living skills, and career training that enables blind students to be successful in their transition from high school to college or employment.

What Problem Did the Grant Solve?

The generous grant from First Nonprofit Foundation allowed us to equip a five-seat computer lab for our Keys to Work Transition Program for visually impaired students.

What Was the Impact of the Grant?

To date, NewView has made direct contact with the families of 74 blind or visually impaired students. Nine students have participated in the transition program’s year-round program and events. Additionally, weekly classes covered the following subjects: Cooking, Self Determination, Health Management, and Financial Literacy.


We are grateful to the First Nonprofit Foundation for awarding NewView Oklahoma a grant for $10,000 to equip a five-seat computer lab for our Keys to Work Transition Program. On behalf of all the young people who will directly benefit from this generous gift, thank you for your continuing support of NewView Oklahoma.