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New Hope Ministries

New Hope Ministries is pleased to present final report (as outlined in our grant agreement signed on July 26, 2018) regarding the $30,000 grant received from First Nonprofit Foundation for the purchase of a walk-in cooler/freezer for our newly constructed Dillsburg Center.

Your generous grant – along with other financial support from the community – enabled us to purchase and install a new, state-of-the-art walk-in refrigerator/freezer combination unit, which ended up costing approximately $60,000. The refrigerator is 12 feet tall and the freezer is 18 feet tall, both of which allow us to use a forklift to store pallets of donated and purchased food on heavy racking.

The ability to receive and store food products for our food pantry in these generously large coolers is a tremendous benefit to helping us organize our food storage and delivery systems more efficiently. Your support of this project has been a wonderful blessing as we continue to feed the hungry in our community – thank you again for making this project possible!

Image captions from left to right:

  • Jethro, our Dillsburg Center Food Program Manager, Standing in the walk-in freezer in front of a pallet of frozen turkeys, which we distributed to needy families last Thanksgiving.
  • Here is an aerial shot of our Dillsburg Center. Just inside the loading dock doors, you will find our new cooling units.
  • Our new cooler can store pallets of perishable meats and produce we receive from area grocery stores.
  • New Hope’s volunteers are retrieving a pallet of fresh strawberries, apples and other produce to replenish our food pantry shelves.
  • Our freezer has three levels of storage capacity for optimal loading, packing and storing.