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National Runaway Safeline

National Runaway Safeline (NRS) provides education and solution-focused interventions, offers non-sectarian, non-judgmental support, respects confidentiality, collaborates with volunteers, and responds to at-risk youth and their families.



Who Did The Grant Help?

Through this grant from the First Nonprofit Foundation, the NRS was able to update our Let’s Talk: Runaway Prevention Curriculum (RPC). Its goals are to educate youth about alternatives to running away, to build coping and stress management skills so that youth can resolve problems without resorting to running away, and to educate youth about accessing and seeking help from trusted adults. Therefore, through the curriculum, NRS is able to help youth-serving organizations across the country teach these valuable skills while ensuring that youth learn about NRS so that they can turn to us in a time of need.

What Problem Did the Grant Solve?

With the First Nonprofit Foundation’s support, the desktop review provided NRS an opportunity to make sure that this valuable tool remains up-to-date and relevant and continues to address issues that youth are facing. The review not only resulted in adding new NRS branding and updated statistics to the curriculum but also the addition of new material on relational violence and human trafficking. We undertook a soft launch of the new curriculum in April to current facilitators and attendees at the Illinois School Counselors Association Conference. Then in June and July, we did a full launch to coincide with the launch of our new NRS website. NRS’ prevention specialist presented and exhibited at the School Resource Officer Conference in Appleton, WI, Innovative Schools Summit: School Discipline Conference in Atlanta, GA, and National School Safety Conference in Las Vegas, NV. An e-blast was distributed to 5,500+ partners promoting the new curriculum and outlining the changes. Additionally, in the three months following our hard launch, we saw a 167% increase in the number of visits to our prevention webpage and 242% increase in the number of CDs requested and distributed compared to the three months prior to the soft launch.

What Was The Impact Of The Grant?

Because of the generosity of First Nonprofit Foundation, NRS is able to continue to provide the country with this one-of-a-kind prevention resource for free. Through the ongoing receipt of curriculum data that NRS receives, we know that the material assists youth in learning about these important issues to build their life skills and resilience for handling crisis.