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Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

The Mercy Home for Boys & Girls is a Catholic children’s charity based in Chicago. This important organization provides safe and stable housing for young people who have faced neglect and abuse. They are committed to raising awareness about children in need and promoting emotional and psychological healing to those affected by abuse.

The Mercy Home has been serving the needs of at-risk youth since 1887. Today, they operate homes for boys and girls on two separate campuses and use the diverse talents of their staff and leadership team to advance their work with children and their families.

First Nonprofit’s Contribution

First Nonprofit awarded more than $16,000 to the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls for their Blueprint Project, which included a variety of important updates to the organization’s technology.

Goal of the Grant

The main purpose of the improvements to the organization’s internal programs and databases is to improve the Mercy House’s ability to evaluate how effectively they deliver care to youth and more effectively allocate their resources. This technology will serve to provide ongoing evidence designed to benchmark meaningful, measurable, and sustainable change—which can be used to inform future investments and guide operations.



Who does the project help?

Mercy Home is committed to providing evidence-based treatment plans for youth who have experienced complex developmental trauma. These individualized treatment plans provide a path towards healing and growth for our youth and their families, and allows them to recover from the trauma they have experienced. To fulfill their mission, Mercy Home developed Blueprint in order to create the most effective and efficient treatment plan for each person who walks through our doors. The project allows their staff to support youth in achieving better outcomes, such as educational and vocational advancement, development of independent living skills, and working through complex trauma.

What makes this solution unique?

Blueprint is improving the delivery of care to youth and their families who have been at the center of Mercy Home’s mission for more than 130 years. The project establishes Mercy Home as a leader in residential care for youth affected by complex trauma, strengthening the agency’s credibility in the social service field, and being recognized for program success by families, researchers, and industry thought leaders.