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Leg Up Farm

Since 2010, Leg Up Farm has provided therapeutic services and programs to over 1,500 central Pennsylvania children who are impacted by a special need.

While Leg Up Farm is located in York County, Pennsylvania, knowledge of its impact has reached beyond its primary area.  As such, the management staff of Leg Up Farm has been approached by various entities about replication and expansion possibilities.  It’s Leg Up Farm’s intent to explore each of these possibilities to determine site feasibility.



Who Did The Grant Help?

The grant from the First Nonprofit Foundation allowed Leg Up Farm to secure the infrastructure needed to create and maintain multiple Leg Up Farm sites.  Therefore, the grant will ultimately allow Leg Up Farm to help children from across the country who are impacted by a special need.

What Problem Did the Grant Solve?

As many of Pennsylvania’s political, academic, healthcare, business, and community leaders learned of Leg Up Farm’s success in facilitating growth and improvement in children with special needs, requests for additional Leg Up Farm sites resulted.  Presently, Leg Up Farm is actively pursuing collaborations with: 1.) Temple University’s Ambler Campus; and, 2.) Franklin County’s Economic Development Office and Chambersburg School District.  With these partnerships, Leg Up Farm will have a unique opportunity to not only provide innovative therapeutic services in additional locations, but to do so in a manner which increases its capacity to conduct extensive research on the service model and provide education on efficient and cutting edge services to future therapists as well as other health care providers across the country.  Up to this point, the largest hurdle for Leg Up Farm to overcome in meeting these requests was infrastructure, which was solved by the First Nonprofit grant award.

What Was The Impact Of The Grant?

Leg Up Farm has:

  • Expanded its Quickbooks software package.
  • Began paperless operations, including document management and virtual storage solutions.
  • Obtained the Workforce Upgrade through ADP which allows on-line performance management, license tracking, timesheets, an intranet page for vital employment documents, etc.
  • Created a scalable $3M architectural plan that will be utilized with the Temple and Franklin County sites.
  • Created a robust operating manual.  (This included Leg Up Farm staff attending extensive HIPAA training and consulting with a for profit therapy provider, who has centers across the country, on how best to expand while maintaining your organization’s culture and vision.)
  • Became a member of the Medical Group Management Association and attended its annual conference.
  • Purchased professional development software through Raiser’s Edge.
  • Purchased a projector and speaker system for more sophisticated marketing, which will assist in presentations regarding the new sites and provide a valuable resource in fundraising efforts in those locations.
  • Sent its Therapy Director to CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) training to prepare the organization for accreditation, should this be pursued.
  • Received approval from PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) for reciprocity of Leg Up Farm’s PACTH (Pennsylvania Council on Therapeutic Horsemanship) certifications, thus allowing Leg Up Farm to be designated as a PATH center.
  • Contracted with a website design firm to increase the capabilities of Leg Up Farm’s current website, including the ability to add pages/information on additional Leg Up Farm facilities, as they occur, and allowing the website to be more readily accessible on mobile devices.

Because of the support received from the First Nonprofit Foundation, Leg Up Farm now has the capacity and knowledge needed to replicate and expand.  As such, children from across the country, who are impacted by a special need, will receive vital, life-changing therapeutic services.