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Homeland Center

Homeland provides a wide array of services to the citizens of the greater Harrisburg area, including personal care services, skilled nursing care, and a safe and secure environment for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. For all of these people, Homeland is what the founders intended it to be: a home. Homeland Center looks back to the values and idealism of the 1860s. At the same time, it looks forward to new ways of living and new ways of caring.



What Problem Did the Grant Solve?

Numerous family members have taken advantage of the new Wi-Fi network while visiting their relatives.  That allows them to Skype with other family members, show pictures and posts from Facebook, access information to enhance their visit (i.e. look up local restaurants), access online music and books, access email and more.  Last month, 272 unique visitors used our free Wi-Fi with an average of 338 daily visits.  We saw a significant spike in usage when family members of residents and staff participated in our annual Trick or Treat at Homeland Center

What Was The Impact Of The Grant?

Homeland Center is in the process of implementing its iMAR for pharmacy records and will complete its eMAR for all other electronic medical records by next June.  Wi-Fi enables us to input information anywhere in the facility.  We began using a new quality measures software program which enables us to do in depth interviews with residents and their family members and determine ways to implement recommendations.  Our staff is able to input the information in the resident’s room since they have access to Wi-Fi.

Homeland is also transitioning the tracking of preventative maintenance and eventually all work orders from paper copies to a cloud based service developed for nursing homes. Our maintenance team will be able to track and report on the status of these issues in real time all throughout the building on iPads. This will begin rolling out by early 2016.  This elevates the level of safety and allows us to provide clear information to state health inspectors.  It will make our maintenance team more efficient and will simplify the submission of work orders from staff, residents and family members.