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Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

DVGRR provided new beginnings for displaced Golden Retrievers, Golden Doodles, and other golden-hearted dogs along with a full array of medical, adoptive and educational support.


Since 1993, Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue has successfully placed over 5,000 Golden Retrievers and other DVGRR dogs into new homes throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and beyond. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. DVGRR has been recognized for our innovative work in rescuing and rehabilitating puppy mill breeder dogs. The Project Home Life program, implemented in 2009, works with puppy mill survivors to help them transition successfully from the horrors of life in a puppy mill to a normal home life with a loving family. We provide extensive medical care for all the dogs upon their arrival at our facility. In addition to rescuing dogs from owner surrenders we have rescued dogs from Puppy Mills in Pennsylvania and Ohio. We rescue dogs from horrendous condition from the streets of Puerto Rico, the country of Turkey and most recently we worked with the Humane Society International to save dogs from the dog-meat trade in South Korea. DVGRR was honored to receive this grant towards the purchase of a new Computer Server. Over the years our business model continues to grow and we rely daily on our computer server to store our database information, house our online webstore/website and our daily email functions. The need to keep our server up to date and functioning properly is very important to us. We are a non-profit organization but our business model is that of any corporate business. Data security of our adopters and donors is a top priority. We plan for this server to give our rescue peace of mind for many years. Thank you to First Nonprofit for awarding DVGRR this Grant.



What was the problem the project solved?

Yes, we were able to purchase the new server and have it installed.

Who does the project help?

The data we retain on our Adopters, Dogs and Donors is a vital part of our operation and having a reliable server for safety of that critical information is very important to us.

What makes your solution unique?

We are a Nonprofit Animal Rescue but take pride in running our Organization like any other for profit business. Having a reliable business server to run our business is very important for us to protect our donors and adopters information.

How did the project make a difference?

Having a reliable server to protect data information and to assure we don’t run out of space on our server is very important to us.
Having this new server we are assured it will be able to handle our data for many years.