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Concordia Place

The mission of Concordia Place is to provide proactive solutions to key social needs with a focus on economically inclusive growth and opportunity. This nonprofit serves a wide range of individuals—from early childhood to senior citizens—by offering a variety of programs throughout areas of need in the city of Chicago.

Concordia Place currently serves more than 850 young children, teens, adults, and seniors each year but, with the help of First Nonprofit, plans to positively change the lives of even more people.

First Nonprofit’s Contribution

First Nonprofit awarded Concordia Place with $20,000 to address aging equipment and systems, as well as plan for a facility expansion that will include three new early learning and childcare centers.

Goal of the Grant

Many nonprofits face the challenge of facing long-term need with only uncertain or short-term funding. In 2014, Concordia Place launched a strategic plan to proactively address their funding requirements, with a focus on meeting the demand for child care and education for children under 3 years old in Chicago.

The grant from First Nonprofit made it possible for Concordia Place to accomplish the following three objectives:

  • Secured data with expertise and professional systems services
  • Added capacity so that all employees can have Concordia email accounts by leveraging cloud storage, processing and security as the organization grows
  • Avoid costly server acquisition/maintenance at each center by centralizing data to one server

By updating their technology, Concordia Place now has an efficient foundation of tools and systems on which they can rely. These updates will improve their internal operations as well as provide more streamlined services for the people they serve.

For the Future

While the recent upgrades have made tremendous improvements to the systems at Concordia Place, they hope to implement more optimizations in the future, including an online account where parents can view their information and submit online payments as well as an automated database of web inquiries, so that staff can respond to parent inquiries more efficiently.