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Arc Culinary Training Facility Expansion

Arc Broward provides job training and placement programs for individuals with developmental disabilities and other life challenges. The Arc Culinary program offers catering services for events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and business lunches. Their high-quality catering is priced competitively and supports a population that might otherwise struggle to find employment opportunities—making it a winning choice for everyone involved.

First Nonprofit’s Contribution to Arc Broward

In March of 2018, a $100,000 grant was awarded by First Nonprofit to Arc Culinary to support an expansion of their demonstration kitchen facilities and classrooms. This grant has made a longtime dream into a reality for Arc Broward students and staff. In addition to the updates to cooking and learning spaces, new technologies are being incorporated into the program. These technologies will improve the function of the conference room and classrooms to provide students with a more immersive experience.

Goals for the Future

With these improved learning spaces and resources in place, Arc Culinary will be able to train more students and provide a better quality of education. Finding suitable employment can be difficult for anyone, but for an individual with a disability, the challenge of finding a job increases tenfold. Arc’s mission to strengthen the skills of their students and help them build their resume goes a long way towards helping them reach a state of independence and empowerment. The contribution from First Nonprofit will usher in a new chapter of the Arc Culinary program—to bring opportunities to even more aspiring chefs.