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Arc Culinary Expansion

The Arc Broward Culinary Expansion project is expanding their teaching kitchen facilities and classrooms to increase capacity in the culinary program, a successful mission-based enterprise operated since 2008. Through this program, students with developmental disabilities and life challenges earn a post-secondary certificate in ‘Entry Level Culinary Arts’, work in the catering business to build a resume, and receive job placement, ongoing support and financial literacy training. The catering enterprise generates revenue for tuition scholarships and for pre- and post-graduation employment services. Funds will be used to build-out, furnish and equip classrooms and teaching kitchen facilities in an 8,000-sq. ft. space on the Arc Broward Regional campus in Sunrise, Florida. The expansion project will benefit individuals who would not likely otherwise be employed.

The culinary expansion will increase the number of students who enroll in and complete the entry level culinary arts program and ultimately obtain employment in the industry from 20 to 100 per year. They will also see an increase in annual number of meals produced for disadvantaged children and adults from 100,000 to 400,000. The catering revenue from the mission-based enterprise, used to help grow all agency programs, is projected to increase from $880,000 to $2 million/year.



What was the problem the project solved?

Our grant from First Nonprofit allows us to incorporate technology into the build-out of the Arc Culinary Expansion on our campus in Sunrise, FL. Examples of where the technology will be utilized once the construction is complete are the Emeril Lagasse Innovation Kitchen and the Culinary Arts Classroom.

Who does the project help?

The Arc Culinary Expansion will be the new home for Arc Broward’s Entry-Level Culinary Arts Certificate program serving people with disabilities and life challenges and helping them reach their career aspirations in the foodservice industry.

What makes your solution unique?

What makes our program unique is the social enterprise component that serves as the training lab for the Culinary Arts Certificate Program. While enrolled in our program, students have the opportunity to work in our catering business, Arc Culinary. This is both in the commercial kitchen and alongside our chef at events in our community. It allows them to build an impressive resume to help them land their dream job in the food and hospitality industry.

How did the project make a difference?

Once construction is complete and the programs begin operating in the new space, the following outcomes are expected-

  • Projected number of graduates to increase from 20 annually to 100
  • Projected revenue from social enterprise to increase from $964,000 in FY 2017 to $2M once fully operational
  • Projected number of healthy meals to the community prepared through our contract meal production to increase from 123,000 to 400,000
How is the project sustainable?

The capital project is sustainable because of the projected increase in revenue from the social enterprise that will allow us to cover expenses of the expanded space.

Can the project be replicated? How so?

Arc Broward is a model member of a national organization called Catalyst Kitchens. Our membership provides us with access to consultation and thinks tanks that helped us grow our business. We would highly recommend any organization interested in starting a culinary arts training program and possible capital campaign for a kitchen to access resources through entities like Catalyst Kitchens. Additionally, we had much success in partnering with a national commercial equipment company that helped us secure in-kind support for very expensive kitchen equipment.