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Wearing Lots of Hats? Maybe It’s Time to Outsource


Nonprofit employees tend to wear many hats, covering a range of administrative tasks to preserve precious budget dollars for mission and program work. When the hats fit, it can work out very well for everyone. When they don’t,…

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Tabor Children’s House Is Building Steam


We recently awarded $70,000 to Tabor Children’s House in Doylestown, PA, to support an exciting early learning program to teach young children principles of design thinking in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics…

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Top Six Reasons Why Grant Applications Are Rejected


Don’t apply for a grant until you’ve checked these off your list. As grant funders, we never like to say no. We believe strongly in the important work nonprofits are doing all over the country, and we want to see them…

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FNF Awards More Than $250,000 in New Grants


First Nonprofit Foundation awarded more than $280,000 in new grants in March, bringing our total giving to date to more than $1.57 million. The awards include: $100,000 to Aspire of Illinois to redesign its Career Training…

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Going National: How One Nonprofit Is Expanding Its Reach


For most nonprofits, the need for services is always one step ahead of capacity, which eventually forces the questions: How far should you take your program? Where do you draw the line on services? The Power Packs Project (PPP),…

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