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Success Stories

Over the years, we have had the good fortune to see our funding not only put to good use, but also to see it grow into sustainable and replicable projects. Our grantees have had great success in making a real impact with the money that we’ve awarded.

Many grantmakers focus only on services delivered directly to challenged populations. One thing that distinguishes First Nonprofit is that we frequently award grants that help nonprofits improve their internal processes and practices. For example, one of our grants helped a Chicago nonprofit streamline its workflows to reduce paper consumption by 1.25 million sheets annually. That’s the equivalent of 150 trees each year. The organization also saved significant staff time as a result of the project, multiplying their savings substantially.

First Nonprofit believes that helping nonprofits work more efficiently and effectively is crucial, because every dollar a nonprofit can save through increased efficiency or better practices is another dollar they can use to provide needed services.

Read more about the difference our grantees have made through the success stories below.

Philadelphia Boy’s Gymnastics

Philadelphia Boy's Gymnastics aim to promote the sport of gymnastics by offering life-changing opportunities for area youth, so that they can realize their individual potential by developing in a safe, professional and challenge-seeking…

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Mobile Loaves & Fishes

We request funding for wheel-chair accessible ramps and decking for homes in Community First! Village (CF!V). CFV has three housing options for the residents: canvas-sided-cottages, micro-homes and RVs. All are considered…

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Olmstead Center for Sight (The Statler Center)

September/2019 GRANT SUMMARY The First Nonprofit Foundation awarded the Olmsted Center for Sight (OCS) a $20,000 grant in 2018 to support the purchase and installation of comprehensive accounting software which is key…

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Woods Services

Woods Services, Inc.

Woods Services was awarded $25,000 last year in support of its three-year implementation of a new Electronic Health Record.  This multi-faceted project is aligned with Woods’ strategic directions plan priority of infrastructure…

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Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts (PMC)

Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts is a statewide nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to ensuring that all Pennsylvanians can come to court with confidence that they will be heard by qualified, fair, and impartial…

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