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Tabor Children’s House Is Building Steam

We recently awarded $70,000 to Tabor Children’s House in Doylestown, PA, to support an exciting early learning program to teach young children principles of design thinking in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM).

STEAM is an innovative experiential learning model designed to foster innovation and build emotional skills needed for entrepreneurial success. The program will be housed in the newly established Tabor Innovation Academy in Langhorne, a 300-acre campus owned by Tabor’s parent company, Woods Services. The Academy provides early education to children up to age 6 as well as afterschool and summer camps for youths aged 3 to 15. The campus includes significant green space for “maker labs,” environments for creating and prototyping new ideas, along with indoor and outdoor classrooms.

The Program

STEAM provides hands-on experience in all phases of the innovation cycle, providing age-appropriate materials and space in every classroom for:

  • generating and documenting ideas
  • creating products and prototypes
  • sharing feedback and discussing results
  • reflecting and recovering from activities

Elements of this new model will also be introduced in Tabor Children’s House and in some of Tabor’s child welfare programs in Southeastern PA.

We’re excited to support this innovative program, which has a lot of potential for replication throughout the nonprofit and public sectors.

“This award provides the needed resources to expand our program capacity and to begin to address the unique risks that impact educational success, especially in children at risk,” said Dr. Linda Toche-Manley, Chief Innovation Officer of Tabor and author of the STEAM model. “Children participating in this new program model will be participating in a new vision of what is possible for children and later for their communities when they are taught ‘how to think’ versus ‘what to think.’  Our hope is that this program will allow children and parents to build a newfound respect for learning and for the world of science, and to develop the emotional as well as cognitive skills to innovate.”

Tabor Innovation Academy is open and accepting enrollments. Interested community members should contact [email protected] for information on enrolling.

Get Involved

Tabor is looking for donors, investors and other strategic partners interested in fostering the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Contact Linda at 215-620-6630 or at [email protected] for details. To learn more about Tabor, visit the agency’s website or their LinkedIn page.