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Whitaker Center Makes Mobile-Friendly Upgrades

A recent $25,000 grant from First Nonprofit will enable the Whitaker Center (Harrisburg, PA) to upgrade their ticketing system. The center’s goal is to implement a new ticketing system to handle ticketing for three venues plus Membership and school field trip visits. Their goals for the project are to find a system that is mobile-friendly; and has more robust e-commerce functionality.

The Whitaker Center opened its doors on September 9, 1999, welcoming visitors to a unique experience in education and entertainment. It was named in memory of the founder of AMP Incorporated (now TE Connectivity), Uncas A. Whitaker and his wife Helen F. Whitaker, in recognition of more than $8 million contributed by The Whitaker Foundation and the Helen F. Whitaker Fund. The Whitaker Foundation was established upon Uncas’s death in 1975 to support biomedical engineering research and education. His wife, Helen, created The Helen F. Whitaker Fund, which supported training for classical musicians. Both foundations provided major support to build the facility. Whitaker Center is an enduring legacy to their generous philanthropy and regional stewardship. After years of making grants to the region and the nation, both foundations closed in 2006.

They rely very heavily on their ticketing system to handle all the event ticketing, which is the lifeblood of their non-profit organization. As an entertainment venue, customers compare them to other for-profit entertainment destinations where the ticket buying, and redemption process is streamlined, simple and mobile-friendly. Their current ticketing system is none of these things. Currently, they do not scan tickets to verify authenticity – they rely on ushers and guest relations associates to read the dates/times printed on the tickets to verify. It’s time consuming and cumbersome for both staff and guests and not at all what consumers expect when compared to other venues that can scan mobile devices and allow guests to print their tickets at home. The online purchasing process of their current system is hindering their ability to sell tickets online in advance. Simply put, the current ticketing system is holding them back from processing sales and redeeming tickets.