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Walking Miracles Grant Connects Cancer Patients with Tablets

The Walking Miracles Family Foundation (WMFF) received their second grant from First Nonprofit. The $7,500 award will help the nonprofit continue expanding tablet technology to connect families and survivors impacted by childhood adolescent and young adult cancer in Pittsburgh.

They received their first grant from First Nonprofit to serve West Virginia. The tablets will allow the families to connect to resources and referral networks and to assist in travel assistance while going through their cancer journey. The organization used the original grant in West Virginia, with impactful testimonials coming from recipients of the iPads. They will expand their territory to families in southwest Pennsylvania by distributing more iPads.

Access to Telehealth for Treatment

The funds will allow families access to telehealth in a mobile way and connect them to physicians and survivorship guides, so they will know how to deal with the long-term side effects they may have because of their treatments. It will allow them to track all their survivorship journey, so they can keep their tablet into their adulthood and to have a way to keep their health records and other necessary information during their journey.”

Hear from Sarah Long, a cancer survivor who has experienced firsthand the value of WMFF:

“Walking Miracles is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and referrals to children, adolescents, and young adult cancer patients, like me. I was diagnosed at age 26 with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and received a bone marrow transplant on September 22, 2017.

WMFF provided gas, food, and lodging gift cards to help with the cost of travel to see the Oncologist. WMFF also gifted me with a brand-new iPad, loaded with valuable resources, such as medication facts, information about diseases, and a voice recorder which I can use whenever I see the doctor, so that if my chemo brain forgets, technology will have my back.

Additionally, WMFF can provide referrals for aftercare services, like Survivorship clinics or counseling. WMFF has been a great help in my life and Brett is wonderful to work with. I hope to see WMFF continue to grow and expand in new and exciting ways so more local families can receive assistance while fighting this terrible disease.”