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Grant Gives TeamIllinois Youth Police Camp a Boost

A recent $5,000 grant awarded to TeamIllinois Youth Police Camp will aid in expenses ranging from room and board, transportation for camp cadets and their families, uniforms, extracurricular events like bowling and a pizza party and other miscellaneous supplies needed for a residency program.

The primary purpose of the TeamIllinois Youth Police Camp is to establish interpersonal relations between at-risk youth and law enforcement to create a bridge of understanding between the two. The camp is a highly structured, week-long residency program geared toward teenagers who are susceptible to drugs, gangs, and other societal pressures.

The camp is based upon a military model of discipline and includes para-military drills, physical fitness, and classroom instruction on drug abuse resistance education, team building principles, and other life-enhancing skills. A collaborative partnership, the camp utilizes police officers, military personnel, and social service agencies to help educate the campers.

The philosophy of “Teamwork, Commitment and Pride” is introduced to the Cadets:

  • Through activities that promote teamwork, goal setting, and esprit de corp. Upon completion of the camp, Cadets receive recognition in a formal graduation ceremony.
  • To provide an opportunity for area youth and Law Enforcement Officers to form long lasting positive relationships by creating a bridge of understanding between both groups.
  • To provide a safe, structured environment that creates opportunity for encouraging positive behavior, leadership skills, positive self-esteem, and the skills for youth to resist violence, gangs, drugs and other societal pressures.

“It is an incredible opportunity to take at-risk youth and set them on a positive track and healthy relationship with law enforcement as they age into adulthood,” says Sergeant Hector Alejandre, Northern Recruitment Coordinator.

TeamIllinois Youth Police Camp