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Grant Aids Spruce Farm Apiary Program


A recent $18,836 grant awarded from First Nonprofit will help Spruce Farm create an apiary to aid in client recovery.

St. Herman House of Hospitality in Cleveland, Ohio owns a property known as Spruce Farm, located in a rural area east of Cleveland. This farm is presently being developed into a recovery ranch for men struggling with addiction, abuse, mental illness, and other core issues which lead to homelessness.

As part of St. Herman House’s Jobs Program, the apiary operation will yield the double benefit of being a source of work experience and income for St. Herman’s residents, as well as providing the means to fund the creation of a residential mental health/drug recovery program at the farm.

A Sustainable Endeavor

In addition to providing residents with work, the apiary could generate $20,000 in proceeds the first year alone, and more money each consecutive year. These proceeds will fund the forthcoming mental health/recovery program at Spruce Farm and will go toward compensation in St. Herman House’s Jobs Program.

Close to 90% of the men seeking shelter at St. Herman House have endured trauma and are dealing with addiction. While St. Herman House’s immediate task is to provide shelter for men, its staff realizes that to end homelessness, the whole person must be treated in a supportive environment.

Spruce Farm will be a place where men who are dealing with histories of addiction, homelessness, unemployment, and/or mental illness, will be able to find hope and healing. Apiary work will provide residents with an opportunity to gain valuable job experience and income, and a full-time counselor will facilitate healing.