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Quest Therapeutic Eyes Facility Upgrades Thanks to Grant

To accommodate an Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy program, Quest Therapeutic Services needed to make specific modifications to upgrade their facility. A recent $25,000 grant from First Nonprofits enabled Quest to proceed with these modifications, allow them to meet HIPAA regulatory guidelines as well as provide a program that leads the way in best practices.

Quest Therapeutic Services, located in West Chester, PA (35 miles west of Philadelphia) provides exceptional pediatric therapy services to enhance the lives of children with disabilities in the Delaware Valley. Licensed physical and occupational therapists, speech & language pathologists, as well as special instructors, provide a full range of pediatric services to enable children with disabilities to develop to their fullest potential. Services are offered in a variety of settings to maximize results, including the home, school, community, as well as in their state-of-the-art therapy facility where they also offer Equine-Assisted Therapy or hippotherapy in our heated indoor arena. They offer services year-round.

Quest facility modifications will include:

  • A privacy curtain over the observation window to prevent those in the waiting room from observing a private session.
  • A fence to surround our current outdoor therapy area. Since horses are unrestrained during a psychotherapy session, all sessions need to take place within an enclosed area. Horses used for hippotherapy are on lead line and do not require fencing during a session.
  • Expanding an office into a session room – Currently, they have a small office that is part of their barn area. They would be looking to expand this room into a larger space to allow the psychotherapist to meet with clients individually or in small groups.