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First Nonprofit Wishes Departing Board Member Well

Donald E. Stellato, Managing Partner at Stellato & Schwartz, Ltd., had been there since the beginning.  Stellato was elected to the First Nonprofit Foundation Board of Directors in early December of 2013, just as the Foundation itself was being created.  “I felt honored to be included as an original board member,” he recalls.

This past August, Stellato resigned from the Board after nearly two years of service, confident that the Board was sufficiently stable for his departure to cause the least amount of disruption, with no major impact on the Foundation or its work.  From the start, his intention was to serve for about two years on the board.  Being a Managing Partner in a medium-sized Chicago law firm, Stellato is kept very busy both with his own case load and managing a staff of fifty members of the firm.  He knew that he would eventually need to move on from the First Nonprofit Board to devote attention to what was in the best interest of the law firm, and to keep it well-positioned for the families who derive a living from it.

Stellato was drawn to the First Nonprofit Board as a result of First Nonprofit Insurance Company’s acquisition by the Am Trust Financial Group.  Stellato had already built a relationship with the insurance company, representing them in all forms of litigation and helping to foster the nonprofit community.  When the Board was created in 2013, its goals of enhancing those nonprofit organizations to which it administered grants was the right match for Stellato’s background and existing interactions with First Nonprofit, and he was pleased to be able to help raise the Board’s effectiveness in meeting those goals.

Though he is moving on, Stellato has nothing but high praise for the Foundation and his time as a Board Member: “It was my pleasure to work with each and every member of the board. They all took the matter very seriously and were very diligent in their efforts to make sure that the grant money was properly placed. These are all very good people on a mission to make sure the nonprofit community continues to succeed.

“Joe Geiger is the real force behind the success of the Foundation as he has worked hard and diligently to make sure that the grants from the Foundation were well served and properly placed with nonprofits he by and large vetted. He was truly the force behind the success story of the Foundation, which I believe is now on very strong grounds to continue to succeed well into the future.”

First Nonprofit Foundation wishes Donald Stellato all the best as he moves on.