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First Nonprofit Foundation Launches New Website

First Nonprofit Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our new website at Our goals for this site include educating the general public about who First NonProfit Foundation is and what we do, sharing the success stories about how our grants have helped organizations in the past and continue to do so today and providing opportunities for other nonprofits to apply for grant funds.

Since being established in 2003, First Nonprofit Foundation has worked hard to bolster nonprofit organizations across the country in any way that we could, whether that was providing educational materials, holding seminars or authoring white papers. Beginning in 2013, we began to focus on awarding grant monies to worthy nonprofits engaged in projects that both aid the community and are easily replicable by other nonprofits in their own communities.

Over the years, we have had the good fortune to see our funding not only put to good use, but also to see it grow into sustainable and replicable projects. Our grantees have had great success in making a real impact with the money that we’ve awarded. When you visit our new site’s Success Stories section, you’ll learn how our grants have made a real impact, as well as get a sense of the passion and dedication of the organizations we work with.

Not only do we hope to get the word out that we provide grants to nonprofit organizations and that those grants have been put to good use, but we also saw our website as the perfect portal to allow organizations who may be looking for funding for particular projects that meet our criteria to apply for grant consideration. Our Grant Guidelines page presents our nine-point Core Funding Priorities metrics, which is the first level of how we determine grant worthiness. We invite those organizations who believe they meet those guidelines to apply to become a grant candidate. If we determine they are indeed eligible, we may invite them to apply for a grant at a later time.

We are truly excited at the possibilities presented by our new website to expand our reach and influence and help even more nonprofits in their efforts to assist those in their communities who need it most.