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FNF Director Trish Shanahan Steps Down

Trish Shanahan retired from her position as Director of The First Nonprofit Foundation on March 31st of this year, after eleven years with the organization.  Under her watch, the Foundation had grown tremendously from its conception in 2003 as an educational foundation.  At that time, the Foundation’s focus was on providing printed materials and offering educational seminars to board members of non-profit organizations. Today, First Nonprofit Foundation focuses on awarding grant monies to “… programs that advance leadership, enhance and reward top management practices, represent great need or are uniquely replicable.”

Shanahan spoke with pride about the accomplishments she oversaw, especially the Foundation’s role in helping board members of non-profit organizations better understand their roles.  First Nonprofit Foundation created an essential booklet, “10 Things Every Board Member Should Know,” which was provided at no cost to non-profit board members.

“The booklets were written by various experts in the non-profit realm,” she explained. “Typically, an Executive Director of a non-profit would order the booklets for all board members.  In addition, to support the tenets of the booklets, First Nonprofit Foundation held free seminars for board members and executive management of non-profits. We also produced white papers that were aimed at supporting the executive management team of non-profits.”

Over the years, she truly enjoyed meeting many dedicated people in so many
non-profit organizations.  That someone would choose to make helping others the focus of their life’s work inspired her, and knowing that the work First Nonprofit Foundation was doing supported those people was a “wonderful feeling.”  She leaves believing that the First Nonprofit Foundation will continue its tradition of supporting organizations with unique and creative initiatives.

As for her own future, she is looking forward to the things she has not had time for in the past. Hobbies, dinner parties and travel top her list of indulgences, although the spirit that brought her to this line of work will continue to drive
her as well: she plans on exploring volunteer opportunities with the Kiwanis and other organizations that inspire her.

While she will certainly be missed, everyone at First Nonprofit Foundation wishes Trish Shanahan well in the next chapter of her life!