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Grant Helps Clifford Beers Clinic Transition to Electronic Records

A $10,000 grant from First Nonprofit is helping the Clifford W. Beers Guidance Clinic go digital with all their records.

Clifford Beers is a mental health clinic serving children and families in the Greater New Haven area. Their focus is on working with children who have experienced trauma — things like abuse, neglect, witnessing community violence, and loss of a loved one. CBC believes that to best care for a child, it is necessary to consider and, where appropriate, treat not just the child but the entire family. If they work with a child but place him or her back with a family that is struggling for one or more reasons, what progress can the child truly make?  Thus, care may involve working with one or more additional family members, reviewing the family’s basic needs issues, or connecting with the child’s school and teachers. In this way they can best remove barriers to healing and help the child pursue a healthy, resilient and happy life.

Grant Enables Electronic Implementation

The total cost of the Electronic Health Records (EHR) implementation for the whole Clinic (one-time implementation fee) is $151,000. This cost includes the following:

1) Software licensing and installation to access and use the vendor’s EHR system.

2) Data conversion and migration (converting data from the previous EHR system to the new system).

3) Customization of the system to meet the Clinic’s specific needs (determination of appropriate build elements), and to meet required security measures and to optimize workflows.

4) System testing of all components (connectivity, security, hardware and software).

5) Provision of training, education and user documentation (reference manuals, guidelines, training materials, and procedures) on the installation, operation, access and use of the EHR system to Clinic staff.

6) Development and implementation of business continuity procedures for when the EHR system is down.

7) “Go-live” planning and activities. Funding would cover some of the gap between current resources and costs.