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First Nonprofit Foundation strongly believes in the resilience and provision of quality of life in the United States provided by nonprofit staff and volunteers. Read Our Mission

About First Nonprofit Foundation

First Nonprofit Foundation is a Pennsylvania-based private grant-making organization that focuses on bolstering the nonprofit sector in the United States. We do this by awarding grants to projects that adhere to our mission of improving the quality of life in the United States through the staff and volunteers of nonprofits. We believe in the resiliency of the nonprofit sector and additionally assist these organizations by providing resources and education.

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First Nonprofit Foundation

February 2015
Power Packs Project
Going National: How One Nonprofit Is Expanding…


For most nonprofits, the need for services is always one step ahead of capacity, which eventually forces the questions: How far should you take your program? Where do you draw the line on services? The Power Packs Project (PPP),…

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Do Nonprofit Leaders Need to Get Out More?…


For some nonprofit leaders, being able to talk candidly about the challenges their organizations face with someone who really understands is a rare pleasure. For every leader, it’s an invaluable opportunity. That’s…

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April 2014
VisionServe Alliance logo
VisionServe Alliance: Internship Program


VisionServe Alliance is a consortium of Executive Directors and CEOs of 501(c)(3) nonprofits throughout the country that provide services to people with vision loss.  VisionServe Alliance brings together the full diversity…

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UCAN: Going Paperless Project


UCAN, a Chicago-based nonprofit with 515 employees, strives to build strong youth and families through compassionate healing, education and empowerment. It achieves this mission through a comprehensive assortment of programs,…

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